Bill Nye’s upcoming debate earns $$ for creationist organizations

This is pretty much what I saw happening.

Why Evolution Is True

Here’s yet another reason why Bill Nye shouldn’t be debating creationism with Ken Ham.

Reader Chris called my attention to the fact that the upcoming debate at Kentucky’s Creation Museum is being touted not only by Answers in Genesis, Ham’s organization, but by Kent Hovind’s separate creationist organization Creation Today.  Here’s a screenshot of the email that Chris just got from Hovind’s group (he subscribes for fun):

Bill Nye

And over at the Creation Store at Creation Today, you can preorder the DVD for only $20:

Picture 1

Note: As it says above, “The proceeds for these preorders of DVD’s [sic] and Digital Downloads will go to support Answers in Genesis. . . ” In other words, Nye’s appearance will be giving money to organizations who try to subvert the mission Nye has had all his life: science education, particularly of kids.  And you know what? I don’t even care if Nye mops…

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