Contributors and the Rationality Unleashed! Project

Alright, we’re off to a great start. Let me fill you all in on a bit of what Rationality Unleashed! has in store. We’re far more than just a blog.

Our goal is to turn this into a full scale magazine style publication, both digital and in print. This is just the beginning of that goal. We’re also working on a core website to move away from WordPress, that will also serve as a repository of rational information, research, commentary, etc, on all sorts of topics, all in one place.

We’re also working on an eventual video series, teaching philosophical concepts and argumentation, aimed at a younger audience.

In the works, as well, will be phone apps, interactive web content, forums, several podcast series’ and educational audio series’, and much, much more.

We have two new contributors that will be covering topics on the blog such as LGBTQ issues, logical fallacies, and more.

We’re building up our Facebook page, Facebook discussion group, and Twitter, to promote the content and the progress of the greater project. Several print and eBooks are also in the works.

If you’re interested in contributing in any ways, feel free to email us at

Otherwise, enjoy what we have to offer, and we welcome any feedback.

Thank you!

The Rationality Unleashed! Team


Thank you for reading Rationality Unleashed! You can “like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @rationalityunle. For any questions, concerns, or comments beyond what can be placed in the comments section of the blog, email us


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