State of the Union 2014 Top #SOTU Tweets

Here are our picks for the best tweets from the State of the Union address. Some are funny, others are dead on. What are yours?

Biggest and most sustained applause line of night is when Obama says we shouldn’t have 40 more votes to repeal Obamacare. #sotu

No one needs health insurance more than people who “pray they don’t get sick” #secularSOTU #SOTU

#Obama challenges Republicans to come up with alt to Health Care Act rather than keep voting against it.” – BBC’s @BBCBarbaraPlett

I’m fully expecting MSNBC to cut away any moment now to a story about Bieber. #SOTU

It should be the power of our vote, not the size of our bank account, that drives our democracy. #SOTU

“Citizenship means standing up for everyone’s right to vote.” @BarackObama #sotu Secular Americans have high voter reg. rates.

“I intend to keep trying with or without congress to prevent tragedies in our shopping malls and schools like Sandy Hook” #SOTU #guncontrol

Obama has been speaking for 50 minutes & he still hasn’t said how he is going to get REM back together. #sotu #priorities

This radical talk of voting rights seems so… so… American. You know? #SOTU

There should really be a twitter feed on a wide screen in front of that podium, don’t you think? #SOTU

There should really be a twitter feed on a wide screen in front of that podium, don’t you think? #SOTU

The United States really needs to stop ongoing colonization, both here and abroad. #SOTU

“God bless America” and “regardless of religion” in back to back sentences. Little hypocritical don’t ya think? #SOTU #secularSOTU

Obama saying he’s going to close Gitmo is like when Jimmy Kimmel always used to say Matt Damon was going to be on the show #SOTU

We want daycares not drones. Don’t reform, dismantle this program. #SOTU

Contributor: Robert Sacerich

Robert is a Philosophy of Science and Bioethics student, as well as blogger and science advocate/activist. He has worked extensively within the secular community for various secular nonprofit organizations and public communication causes.

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