The Straight White male (me) to Fred Phelp’s near death


As a straight, white man and all the privileges bestowed on me because of those facts, I can honestly say, I am glad that this hateful man will soon no longer be among our ranks.

My fellows in the critical thinking community may think that it’s better left alone, but I hope that to the deluded assholes that think like Phelps, this serves as a reminder. Whether you believe in god or not, you’ll either burn in your gods hell for hate, or you will burn in the history that you created for yourself.

Either way, you have made your bed, Phelps. Lay in it for eternity.

Contributor: Jonathan Tindell

A native Floridian living in Pennsylvania, eight year veteran of the United States Maine Corp that is in support of responsible gun control, and salesperson in the Oil and Gas industry that believes in climate change, Jonathan is almost the definition of a dichotomy.

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