Write for Us


Write for us

We’re currently seeking contributing writers across a broad range of topics. If you want to write for Rationality Unleashed, please send us a pitch on what you want to write about, a short bio, and a link to your own blog or other writing if applicable. If you haven’t written before, that’s OK! If you have something to say, we’ll happily work with on finding your voice. Email us at admin@rationalityunleashed.net

Some specific topics we’re looking for regular contributors on are:

Racial inequality




Third Parties (New political parties in America)

International Correspondence

Environmentalism (science based, please)

We’ll accept pitches for any other topic. These are simply the primary ones we’re looking for right now.


Thank you for reading Rationality Unleashed! You can “like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @rationalityunle. For any questions, concerns, or comments beyond what can be placed in the comments section of the blog, email us at admin@rationalityunleashed.net.


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