Our Projects


Welcome to The Rationality Unleashed! Project. Below are links to our other active projects, underneath the Rationality Unleashed! umbrella, as well as information on our pending project. Anyone who wants to get involved to write for, moderate, or help in any other way with any of these projects, should contact us through one of the methods in the footer below.

Active Projects

The Foodentists

This is our newest project designed to combat the misinformation of sites like Natural News and Mercola, when discussing diet.

The Monsanto Cyber War Machine

This was created in response to someone referring to myself, and some others by that name, and even posting a map to someone’s house. The object of the Facebook page is to show some of the horrible rhetoric the anti-GMO crowd likes to say and some of the deplorable actions they do.

The Fish Tomato

This is our skeptical satire site, sharing absurd stories that eerily mimic even more absurd claims.

Pending Projects


Contributors Jonathan Tindell and Robert Sacerich are in the planning stages for a podcast to discuss weekly science topics.


Contributor Robert Sacerich is in the planning stages of a series of YouTube videos discussing political topics and political news.

Male Voices of Feminism

We have a decent sized group working on creating a Feminist project for male Feminists in an effort to combat the rhetoric of the Men’s Rights Activists, and create Feminism-positive role models for boys.

Thank you for reading Rationality Unleashed! You can “like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @rationalityunle. For any questions, concerns, or comments beyond what can be placed in the comments section of the blog, email us at admin@rationalityunleashed.net.


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