This section is dedicated to more general science topics, as opposed to the more specialized sections elsewhere in our resources. Here we include the following subtopics:

The Basics

This section is meant to give the basics of what science and scientific skepticism is, and how it’s used.


It’s hard to discuss science in any fashion if you’re not equipped with the proper tools. What sources are good? What organizations are reputable? How do I disseminate the fact from the fiction?


In today’s world of the “my ignorance is just as valid as your knowledge” mindset, and the view that education is equal to elitism, the hardest part of the scientific process is effectively communicating it to the public.


Chemophobia, coined to describe the irrational fear of the word “chemical” or chemical sounding names that people have begun to promote and discuss, is a real problem in science communication. Due to this irrational fear, people eschew medicine, good food, and all manner of things, regardless of the fact that every single thing is made of chemicals.


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